Case presentation
All-on-4 implantation with Immediate loading and temporary prosthesis of the patient,
at the same time that the implants were inserted
Patient's initial situation
Destroyed orthopedic crowns (inflammation behind the roots of the teeth, root caries).
The decision was made to extract all the teeth in the upper jaw and implant all-on-4 with immediate loading.
Before the operation, we virtually remove existing teeth in the program (except for tooth 17 - to preserve the orientation of the surgical template)

The surgical template is precisely fixed in the oral cavity using anchor pins and the retained tooth 17. This makes it impossible to shift the template during the operation - With maximum precision in guided implantation

Appearance of the surgical guide
Before the operation,
we model
and mill
zirconia abutments
And temporary crowns, the design is based on the patient's past teeth and is fully suitable for antagonists.

Modeling feature - thickening of places around the abutments and increased gaps, taking into account possible inaccuracies after implantation

Installation of abutments according to a special template to form the correct positions
Leave your details and get a test design of a surgical template
The operation took 1 hour. Temporary crowns, surgical template and abutments were fabricated before surgery.
Patient came in with teeth and left with new ones
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