iSmile Clear Aligners

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Designed by orthodontists, iSmile Clear Aligners are planned and fabricated to ensure your customers get the smile they have always dreamed of.
By accepting scans from all intraoral scanning systems, iSmile can leverage your existing digital workflow so there is no need to buy any new equipment.
Increase your product line with an in-demand, high quality product that increases profits without adding to your daily workload.
iSmile Clear Aligners for Dentists
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Compatible with all scanner systems
  • Can incorporate CBCT scans for crown/root movements for major treatments
Unlike other systems we can decide when each type of movement occurs, including:
  • Arch expansion
  • Rotations
  • Intrusion
  • Extrusion
  • Mesialization
  • Digitalization
What is included:
Planning only:
Video showing the movement of the treatment
Report detailing the case
Designed model files

Planning & Fabrication:
Includes the above as well the fabricated aligners once you have approved the case from the planning stage
What you need to get started:
Clean STLs:
Maxillary scan
Mandibular scan
Bite scan (in MIP or teeth touching)

Full face (not smiling)
Full face (smiling)
Profile (not smiling)

Additional information:
  • Is IPR needed?
  • Are attachments needed?
  • What are the patient’s goals with the aligners?
  • Are we only correcting minor aesthetic problems or do you want us to improve other functional issues?
The more information we have, the more accurately we plan out the movements.

What to expect once you have submitted your case

To ensure all details of your case are taken into consideration, your account manager will reach out to you once you have submitted your case to gather your treatment plan preferences. Within 3 business days you will receive the following files for approval:
  • PDF report
  • Movements video in GIF file
  • STL models
Any planning modifications will be delivered within 24 hours. Once the treatment plan is approved, your account manager will provide you with the final price for fabrication and shipping (if applicable).

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